You CAN Find Gold!

Colorado’s Modern Gold Rush
by Johnny Walker

The number one Colorado Adventure, gold panning lessons in Colorado’s Gold Belt! Learn how to prospect for gold and gems in the Rocky Mountains. Clear Creek Prospecting Supply offers gold panning lessons and educational tours on our local geology and how the Gold was, and still is, being deposited. We have Gold right in our backyard! See our wide array of prospecting supplies and take advantage of today’s Gold Rush!

Learn modern gold prospecting and how to use gold pans, how to set up a sluice box, advanced equipment and how to find Colorado Gold! Treasure hunting, gem hunting, we offer prospecting adventures of all kinds. Panning lessons and lost treasure story days regularly held at the only prospecting store in Denver!

Clear Creek Prospecting Supply has a wide variety of gold recovery equipment. Everything from vials, gold pans, sluice boxes, to high bankers and dredge equipment. We sell the best Gold Paydirt in Denver! Come in and meet a real modern day prospector and see how cheap and easy it is to start being a Colorado Gold Rush prospector!

OK, now we have spent about $200 over the last 3 years but the return has been astounding! Remember Gold is selling for $1,300/oz as I’m writing this, so the return on our efforts has been OUTSTANDING! You tell me where you can start a really fun hobby cheaper, with as much potential return. The pursuit of happiness in the great outdoors, hard-won American Freedom at it’s finest!

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