You CAN Find Gold!

Colorado’s Modern Gold Rush
by Johnny Walker

The number one Colorado Adventure, gold panning lessons in Colorado’s Gold Belt! Learn how to prospect for gold and gems in the Rocky Mountains. Clear Creek Prospecting Supply offers gold panning lessons and educational tours on our local geology and how the Gold was, and still is, being deposited. We have Gold right in our backyard! See our wide array of prospecting supplies and take advantage of today’s Gold Rush!

Learn modern gold prospecting and how to use gold pans, how to set up a sluice box, advanced equipment and how to find Colorado Gold! Treasure hunting, gem hunting, we offer prospecting adventures of all kinds. Panning lessons and lost treasure story days regularly held at the only prospecting store in Denver!

Clear Creek Prospecting Supply has a wide variety of gold recovery equipment. Everything from vials, gold pans, sluice boxes, to high bankers and dredge equipment. We sell the best Gold Paydirt in Denver! Come in and meet a real modern day prospector and see how cheap and easy it is to start being a Colorado Gold Rush prospector!

The Gold Prospectors Association of America. The benefits of their association are almost too many to mention, talk about a great outfit. GPAA’s goal is, first and foremost to help members become successful prospectors.

To help educate members, the GPAA provides a variety of informational media and activities. The GPAA produces the educational and entertaining Buzzardite Classics, Gold Fever and Prospecting America TV programs, which appear nationally on our own 24-hour network The Outdoor Channel. The GPAA publishes the Gold Prospector magazine, Pick and Shovel Gazette, The Claims Club Membership, Mining Guide and sponsors numerous outings, seminars, expeditions and trade shows – all designed to help you find more Gold!

Join the GPAA Today!

Places To Go For Gold! – The GPAA Claims Club Mining Guide contains over 250 properties and over 750,000 acres where you and your family can go hunting for gold and treasure.

Tools! – You get all the beginning tools you need. A gold pan, snuffer bottle, and much more!

Training! – You receive the Sure Fire Panning video and our full line of videos on every phase of prospecting are available to you at special prices! Plus, you are invited to outings with real experts and specialized training classes.

Local Support! – We have directors in every state… and many areas have local chapters and clubs where you get experience, learn about prospecting and treasure hunting, and just meet new friends.

The “Gold Prospector” Magazine – A bi-monthly national publication full of “How To” articles, real life adventure stories, equipment studies and entertainment.

FREE GPAA Information Service! – The Customer Service Department can answer questions about where to go, how to get there, how to get training and help, equipment needs and much more!

FREE 2 Ore Evaluations! – Send in your samples and we’ll tell you’ve what you’ve got. If it’s worth having a formal assay, we’ll tell you that too.

Help Keep The Public Lands Open! – Your membership also supports GPAA’s efforts to protect the environment (sensibly) for the enjoyment and use of everyone!

FREE Seller Space! – GPAA Members get free seller space at any GPAA sponsored outing. (Some restrictions apply)
GPAA Gold Lifetime Membership
$950.00 U.S. Dollars (USD)
You may sign up for a GPAA GoldLife Membership for as little as $50.00 down and pay $50.00 per month (with NO interest or carrying charges) for 18 months. Give us a call and we’ll sign you up with the GPAA!

OK, now we have spent about $200 over the last 3 years but the return has been astounding! Remember Gold is selling for $1,300/oz as I’m writing this, so the return on our efforts has been OUTSTANDING! You tell me where you can start a really fun hobby cheaper, with as much potential return. The pursuit of happiness in the great outdoors, hard-won American Freedom at it’s finest!

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  1. Johnny Walker says:

    Since we joined the gpaa my darli’n spouse and I have seen many changes in the oorganization. THERE USED TO BE EIGHT CHAPTERS IN COLORADO,NOW WE ARE DOWN TO HALF THAT NUMBER. The restriction of no dredging on the arkansas river claims takes away the only productive areas that are easily acessed from the front range chapters. We may have to resort to getting our own private claims, most chapters are actively searching now. When claims are filed then the gpaa loses most of the incentive for members to continue.

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